Youth exchange "Catch the Opportunity!" takes place from 7-17th July 2011 in Hiiumaa and brings together 32 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Spain and France. The main topics of the project are youth unemployment and voluntary work.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volunteering at Tohvri

In the morning we had a quick lunch, grabbed some sandwiches to go and hopped on the bus. We were the first team to go off from the bus at Tohvri retirement home, where our voluntary action was to take place. After meeting the manager, we put on the gloves and headed for our mission – stack firewood. First task was to put the winter wood into woodpile of 3 meters. We made a human chain to make the task easier and work was progressing well. Only angry wasps didn’t like our effort and give us some hard time, stinging Oleg twice.

We made a little break to have a short chat with Estonian minister of social affairs, who just happened to visit Tohvri on the same day as our action took place. We told him about our project, our mission, shook hands and made a photo together. After that we continued our work with the woods.

We had delicious lunch and after that we continued with different task, but still making stacking firewood. When we finally finished, we were really tired, but happy with the result. Volunteering gives satisfaction for the soul.

We also discovered a little bit surrounding areas near Tohvri, visiting the Sõru harbour and old ships. It was a good day :)

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