Youth exchange "Catch the Opportunity!" takes place from 7-17th July 2011 in Hiiumaa and brings together 32 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Spain and France. The main topics of the project are youth unemployment and voluntary work.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simulation Game and Practices from different countries for fighting unemployment

In the first part of the day, Lithuanian group organized for us a simulation game which topic was unemployment. It was a simulation about life where everybody were a role like in real life (shop owner, buisness man, employer, policemen, administrator, dealer, prostitutes...) some people had a employment and others no. The goal of this game was to understand diificulties to found a work and to survive without one but also realise the inconvenients of a shop owner or buisnessnan. We have also realised that some traffic or black shop can take place when the situation ask it. This game represtented one week with all obligations that someone meet in his life like food, drugs someties,... After that everybody has told what were his impressions and feelings. We concluded that unemlpoyment is an very important issue in modern times, which has a lot of different causes and backgrounds.

In the afternoon we had an workshop, where every country presented the situation with unemlpoyment with a focus on youth unemployment from their countries, statistical data from European Union and different practices to fight unemployment. Some of countries have now bigger problems with unemployment, the others are having very low unemployment rates, like Belgium. Our conclusion was that in each country we can find both good and bad practices, that cpuld be easily implemented on European level.

In the evening, our wonderful Estonian hosts organized for us a barbecue in the forests of Hiiumaa Island, which have been an excelent opportunity for socializing and to know each other better. The night ended with a traditional Estonian Sauna Party. It was a quite extreme experience for some of the participants, taking into account that sauna was combined with baths into the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. At the end of the day everybody was happy :D

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