Youth exchange "Catch the Opportunity!" takes place from 7-17th July 2011 in Hiiumaa and brings together 32 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Spain and France. The main topics of the project are youth unemployment and voluntary work.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The most difficult day of the project began after a final party, so many of us were quite sleepy. From the moment we woke up, we knew that we have to be brave enough to say goodbye without fear, without tears. It is curious that at the beginning we had to take courage in order to meet new people and open ourselves to them, but we need more courage to say goodbye to the same people after just 9 days with them.

We enjoyed our final brunch all together at the Kompressor and after that it was the moment to say goodbye for the first time, Caroline and Virginie were the first to depart and some hours later all the Lithuanian group. It was difficult, but hugs and kisses made it easier as well as the promises of seeing each other soon in the future. The rest of us had more time to spend, all of us except the Estonians booked one room in the Dancing Eesti, so we knew that we had one night more although most of us had to depart early in the morning, so we decided to share our last drink at 9 pm. It was a fun end, we talked a lot about the future and our experiences in the project and when we decided that it was time to sleep, we said goodnight as well as goodbye.

Alejandro and Andrius

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