Youth exchange "Catch the Opportunity!" takes place from 7-17th July 2011 in Hiiumaa and brings together 32 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Spain and France. The main topics of the project are youth unemployment and voluntary work.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bicycle trip day

Breakfast. This day was special. Turkish team preparedtheir traditional meal Menemen. It includes onion, peper, tomatoes and eggs. It was very tasty. It was a kind of intercultural experience for all of us. We will try to prapare it in our homes.

Then we had bicycle trip. All group was divided in two groups. First one went after breakfast, another one went after lunch. We traveled much in Hiiuma forests, all around local villages, discovering Estonian nature, rural culture and beauty. We visited the oldest lighthouse in world at Kopu, the one that works still. We felt, that this house could be used for defence as well, becouse it has small holes in the walls for snipers. The stairs are high and very narow, it makes climbing difficult. On the top of the lighthouse you can feel on top of the Hiiumaa, it is good to see all the island, it is all green, very different from other countries.

It was so nice for all of us to travel in one of the most beautiful paradises in the world.

Also, during of trip we felt the feeling of common spirit, the sense, that all we have something common, not taking into account our cultural background, religion, race, other diversities. We understood, that we will meet again, in other projects, in our counties, in our life.

In evening sauna party is waiting, it was the first time for some of participants on Sunday and it is judged both wise, also for cultural background. Of course, it is good after tiring bicycle trip.

Ignas Dzemyda from Lithuania and Sercan Sahin from Turkey

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